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2012 Christmas Meal

This year saw us at the Crystal Rocks in Waterfoot. We had a great meal and Gill & Paul did a great job with the quiz.  Many thanks!

Quiz winners this year were Sue & Kev with Wendy & Eric.

Fire Service Demonstration

Vets, Fentons, from Greater Manchester arranged a very interesting talk with the fire service to showhow they rescued large animals from accident situations.  It was very informative and encouraging to know that they have had training at Myerscough College on how to handle and calm horses, and generally deal with them in the best possible way when under stressful and dangerous circumstances.

Christmas meal 2011

Our Christmas meal this year was at the Shoulder of Mutton, Holcombe. It was a bit of a squash but the food was excellent.  I was the lucky recipriant of a huge bunch of flowers from the members in appreciation of organising the rides each month.  Thank you everyone, they were lovely!

Debra & John tie the knot 17 September 2011

The Society (FORBA) Wedding of the year took place on 17 September.  Debra and John decided that living over the brush for years should be rectified and they tied the knot.  We were sung to in the church by an opera singer, enteratined by a jazz trio, serenaded by a singer, entertained by a disco and fed the best canapes and four course meal imaginable, all washed down with copious amounts of wine on tap.

   Christmas Meal 2010

Our Christmas Meal for 2010 was at the Coach & Horses again this year.  Amie gallantly provided the entertainment with the quiz which resulted in a lot of head scratching!  Many thanks to Ann and all the members for organising a bunch of flowers for me to say "thank you" for organising our regular events.  They were lovely and very much appreciated!

26 June 2010 Lessons on Bob the Mechanical Horse

The trip to Jigsaw was a huge success with everyone.  Sue started us off by riding the three paces with legs in front of the saddle to get a secure seat. We were then allowed to ride "normally" and everyone noticed the difference immediately.  We all went away vowing to put it all into practice at home.

April 2010 Heart Start


We enlisted the help of the "Heart Start" team and ran a first aid course at the Cricket Club on 8th April. It was a very interesting and worthwhile night - the team of four that came gave us instruction on rescusitation, recognising strokes and heart attacks, how to deal with severe bleeding and choking.

Christmas Meal 2009

FORBA Christmas Meal December 2009

Once agan we returned to the Coach & Horses in Edenfield - you can't beat them for a jolly good value-for-money Xmas nosh!  Apart from forgetting to take our own teaspoons the service and meal were excellent. The quiz winners from last year had the joyous task of compiling this year's questions, and Helen and Jo made an excellent job, not that we expected anything less.  The winners were the triple A's - not sure why they were called that as apart from Amie, in my book Donna & Mark's names begin with D & M!  The runners up were the Galloping Grannies (one was Graeme, so again, don't ask!)

Visit to Grtr Manchester Mounted Police HQ Jan 2009

 Our visit to the Grtr Manchester Mounted Police Unit on 25 January was a great success. Twenty four of us attended and we spent two hours on a guided tour with one of the Sergeants, Sue, and a groom called Emma.

FORBA Christmas Meal Dec 2008

Our meal this year was at the Coach & Horses again.  Many thanks to Kev who compiled the quiz.  The winners of the covetted trophy were the team from Higher Micklehurst Farm - Joanne, Helen & Barry.

Homeopathy 14 May 2008

Our first non-ridden outing this year was a trip to Crossgates Farm Homeopathic Suppliers at Settle. 

We were given an instructive talk and demonstration on the choice and use of remedies for all kinds of ailments, followed by a couple of drinks in a pub in Settle.

Readwood 15 May 2007

On 15 May some FORBA members paid a visit to Readwood Equestrian Centre to look at the new hydrotherapy unit. 

Owner Andrew gave us a guided tour of the facilities and explained the difference between treadmill training and swimming.  Then a dog on a fittening programme and a horse recovering from a tendon injury were put through their paces on the treadmill.  The horses don't swim but exercise vigorously while their body weight is supported by the water.  The treadmill can be lowered or highered depending on the size of the horse. 

Christmas Part 2007

We held our Christmas Dinner on 6 December and a jolly good time was had by all.  Many thanks to Wendy who once again provided the entertainment with the quiz.  Things as usual got out of hand, but Sue and Kev ended up winning the trophy - by fair means surprisingly!

FORBA holds a Christmas Meal every year for members which includes a quiz with a trophy and the occasional booby prize!

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Fund raising ride for Mountain Search & Rescue - hedging our bets

Between 23rd – 30th July 2005 seven military men followed in the near hoof prints of Prince Rupert’s horsemen to ride from Altcar, Nr Southport to the site of the Civil War battle of Marsden Moor (1644) near York. It was a joint fundraising effort in aid of the Army Benevolent Fund (ABF) by the Lancashire & Yorkshire committees...Click here to download a report of the whole escapade.

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